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  • Why do HDPE water supply pipes need a static pressure test?

    In order to better apply HDPE water supply pipes, it is necessary to understand all aspects so that they can be used better during construction. You may be familiar with the performance characteristics of HDPE water supply pipes, but are you familiar with the static load elasticity of the followi...
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  • Tensile performance of HDPE water supply pipe

    Due to its unique advantages, HDPE water supply pipes are widely used in engineering building water supply pipes, buried drainage pipes, engineering building central heating, gas pipelines, welding and communication equipment maintenance waterproof casings, industrial-grade pipelines, agricultura...
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  • HDPE steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipe market application

    In recent years, with the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies and the global focus on low-carbon economy, as well as the improvement of people's quality of life, people have paid more attention to the quality of home life. As a new type of sewage...
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  • PE pipe characteristics and scope of use

    In the drainage and water supply system, pipes are an important part of it, so the quality of pipes plays a decisive role. From past experience, compared with plastic or metal pipes, pe pipes have the following characteristics: ① Low density, high strength, good toughnes...
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  • What are the advantages of double-wall corrugated pipes compared to traditional pipes

    What are the advantages of double-wall corrugated pipes compared to traditional pipes

    HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe originated from Germany. It is widely used in China because of the many problems that occurred in the use of traditional cement drainage pipes in the country. After many problems occurred in the use of the country’s traditional cement dra...
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